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Good Credit – what is it and how to use it?

Nowadays, everyone wants to be modern and familiar with various electronic novelties, which are mobile payments. This type of solution allows you to pay using devices such as smartphones, smartwatches or other gadgets.

Most of these services work on a contactless basis

Just like contactless cards, but there are also solutions that use a different way of initiating transactions. Good Credit is one of them and you will pay with numerical codes.

With Good Credit you can quickly:

  • Withdraw money from an ATM (you do not need a card for this);
  • Pay on websites of online stores;
  • Pay for purchases in stationery stores;
  • Transfer money to a phone number (option available at selected banks);
  • Deposit cash into the account (option available at selected banks).

Good Credit is a modern form of payment

Good Credit is a modern form of payment

Popular Good Credit is a Polish mobile payment system launched on the initiative of several banks. It was created on the basis of IKO mobile payments, initially at Good Finance. It is currently available in eleven banks’ mobile applications.

In practice, Good Credit is a six-digit code displayed by the application, which can be used to accept transactions or withdrawals from an ATM, exactly as if we were paying by card.

Good Credit codes are displayed by a standard banking application – the same one in which you check your account balance or make transfers. We make all payments in the store or withdrawals at the ATM via smartphone. What’s more, with Good Credit you can withdraw cash from Euronet, Planet Cash and cooperating bank machines. This means that the network of devices in which we can withdraw cash without a card is really large – over 12 thousand ATMs.

We will also pay with Good Credit codes in online stores as well as self-service machines and toll machines. This payment system is already present in the most important systems. With Good Credit, we can quickly pay for purchases – without logging into the bank and authorizing the transfer. All you have to do is start the application, enter the PIN, generate a Good Credit code, copy it to the website and confirm. More convenient and faster than any other type of transfer.

Most banks support Good Credit


Recently, Good Credit has been breaking popularity records. With its help, 33 million transactions were completed, which is as many as in the entire previous year. Most often we pay with Good Credit via the Internet and withdraw cash from ATMs. Transactions in stationery stores and phone transfers are a little less popular.

Initially, the system was operated by six banks, but due to mobile banking, the number of banks increased. Good Credit is available in several banks that also offer youth accounts.

If you already have an account with any of these banks, then, of course, you can start using Good Credit. Just download the mobile banking application. After logging in to the application you will see a characteristic icon. By clicking on it you can generate a Good Credit code. It is also worth knowing that making payments in stores (stationary and online) using codes generated in Good Credit is completely commission-free. Only withdrawals from ATMs may be payable, but it all depends on the particular bank.

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