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Fast Social Welfare Loan


First of all, let’s start by seeing who these extremely advantageous loans are aimed at. The categories that can take advantage of the funding provided by the National Social Security Institute are mainly employees and retirees. There are several loan options addressed to them, which allow you to receive the money we need in the shortest possible time. What we will have to present to Social Welfare or to the affiliated bank, to have access to the desired credit, will therefore be the last paycheck or the last pension slip. In this way we will be able to assure the company of the repayment by us, since the agreed repayment installments can be retained by our net income received.

With regard to the personal requirements for access to Social Welfare’s fast loans, those who can access them must have a maximum age of 90 at the time of the repayment end, and obviously they must be resident in Italy. Among the best Social Welfare proposals regarding loans, we find those reserved for pensioners and loans for civil servants who are registered in the unitary management of credit and social benefits, or for workers enrolled in the master’s management. Furthermore, particular treatments are aimed instead at employees of the Italian Post Office or other companies connected to them. There are therefore various categories to which the loans granted by Social Welfare are addressed, therefore we recommend you visit the Institute’s website to analyze all the features in detail and find out whether or not it falls within particular advantageous treatments.

Small Social Welfare retired loans up to 90 years

Small Social Welfare retired loans up to 90 years

One of the forms of loan that are most requested by Italians, especially in recent times, is that of loans for small amounts. In fact, very often we find ourselves in the position of having to face an expense for which we may need a loan, in order to defer the payment. With small Social Welfare loans it will be possible to request a loan equal to a net monthly salary or pension every year, with the possibility of choosing a duration that will range from a minimum of one up to a maximum of four years.

This means that we will be able to request a net monthly payment, with repayment in 12 months, two months to be repaid in 24 months, three months in 36 months and finally 4 months with repayment in 48 months. It is therefore not an exaggerated sum, but that can be very useful for example to help us pay for a car or to delay the payment of a trip. As for employees, it is good to underline how not only those who have a permanent contract of employment will be able to receive the money they need.

In the case of workers with a fixed-term contract, the bond established by Social Welfare is that for which the repayment of the sum received on loan must end before the expiry date established by the employment contract. One of the main characteristics of small Social Welfare loans is that of the speed of disbursement. This will be done by crediting the postal or bank account in the name of the customer who requested the financing, and the money will be available after a few days from the submission of the request.

Fast multi-year loans

Fast multi-year loans

Another form of loan that is usually in great demand is that of multi-year loans, perfect for those who need a higher sum than what has just been said. In this case, the reimbursement of the amount received on loan by Social Welfare or by the bank to which we will turn will be spread over several years. This is a financing in this case finalized. So if you are interested in this form of loan, what you will have to do is consult the regulation, available on the Social Welfare website, to find out whether or not you are part of the cases envisaged for the provision of these loans.

Among the criteria for the granting of long-term loans we find, for example, the request following natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods or anything else, robbery, theft or fire, maintenance or condominium works as regards the residence. These are just some of the cases. Therefore, these are particular needs for which financial aid can be decisive. For this reason, the best thing is to rely on the National Social Security Institute, to obtain an economic treatment that “classic” loans do not offer.

The maximum amount that we can request will depend on the reason for which we are applying for the funding and on the duration of the funding. The largest amount granted is that relating to ten-year loans for the purchase or construction of a house intended for residence, and is 150,000 USD. As regards the expenses that we will face for the loan that will be granted to us, as specified on the site, the annual nominal interest rate that will be applied to the sum received by us will be 3.50%, therefore very low compared to what occurs in the case of other types of financing. The additional costs will be those relating to administration costs ( 0.50% ), in addition of course to the risk provision premium, which will depend on the age of the customer and the duration of the long-term loan requested.

How to Request a Quote for Nice Bank Retired Loans

To obtain a loan at the advantageous conditions just described, the first option is obviously to apply directly to Social Welfare. As always, it will be necessary to fall within the requirements specified on the regulation to obtain the desired funding. Another possibility is to go to a bank affiliated with the National Social Security Institute. To find out the list of companies that have signed the agreement with Social Welfare, what you need to do is visit the Institute’s website and visit the area dedicated to loans. If your bank falls into this list, you will be able to receive some of the products offered by Social Welfare, and therefore obtain an advantageous treatment from the company.

Among the major banks affiliated with Social Welfare we find for example Nice Bank, Best Bank, Cream Bank and Infra Bank just to name a few. If you want to know if it is really convenient to receive financing from one of these banks, what you need to do is request a free quote from those in which you are interested. In this way you can immediately know the repayment installment that you will face each month and the related interest that you will have to pay. So by comparing the proposals of different banks you can identify the one that offers you the best treatment ever, based primarily on the interest rate, and then on characteristics such as the amount that can be requested and the duration of the loan.

Requesting an online quote is very simple. All you have to do is enter the amount you need and the duration of the loan you prefer. By clicking on Calculate Installment, you will start the simulator which in a few seconds will present you with the option offered by the bank that meets the parameters you entered. We can also calculate the amount of each installment that we will pay monthly on the Social Welfare website. To do this, we will have to consult the handbook, which for each amount that can be requested (rounded to the figure of hundreds), specifies all the characteristics of the loan, with the expected interest rate, management costs and the risk fund expense based on the range of age to which one belongs.

How to get a fast Social Welfare loan for retirees

Once we have identified the product that is right for us, through the handbook or by requesting a free online quote, we can finally proceed with the Social Welfare loan request. To do this, simply go to the Social Welfare office closest to our home, or make an online request. On the Institute’s website it will be possible to download the form to be filled in to proceed with the funding request. Therefore, once the relative forms have been completed, we can always send the same through the website, by clicking on ” Send online forms “, or go, with the printed and completed form, to the office and start the procedure.

The documents necessary to proceed with the request will obviously be the identity card and the health card. As for the documentation attesting to our economic situation, what we will have to present will be the last paycheck for employees, or the last pension slip for the elderly. Once the loan request has been sent, if all the requirements requested by Social Welfare have been met, in a few days we will receive a response with the outcome of the evaluation. In the event of a positive outcome, as we said, the delivery times are usually short, and in a few days the sum requested by us will be loaded into the bank account held by us.

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